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Club Description:
Embrace Club is a multicultural club with a focus on diversity, cultural competence, and inclusiveness. The goal of Embrace Club is to learn and appreciate more about the various cultures represented at Cathedral and the extended community. Embrace Club meetings are held bi-monthly on Mondays immediately after school in room 4239. Refreshments are provided and all students are welcome to attend. Embrace Club works toward its mission by viewing movies, listening to guest presenters, and participating in panel discussions. The group is in charge of creating and implementing Diversity & Multicultural Week. Embrace Club plans visits to museums to see how special exhibits relate to the group’s mission. The group also participates in an open mic night, giving members an opportunity to express their culture through music and poetry. Embrace Club members attend dinners at various ethnic restaurants to experience aspects of other cultures. The group also takes part in a local student diversity leadership conference and members are invited to develop workshops within the conference. Embrace members can also apply for the annual International Student Diversity Leadership Conference. Costs associated with membership include: Embrace Club t-shirts ($15), dinners ($10-$12), and trip costs, which are determined by the level of activity, type of initiative, and transportation expenses.

 To learn more about Embrace Club, contact moderators, Mrs. Sara Koehler, at skoehler@gocathedral.com

Location and Time of Meeting:
Embrace Club meetings are held bi-monthly on Mondays immediately after school in room 4239.

Key Events Dates & Times:

Cost / Fees:
See Club Description above for more details

Sara Koehler and Ken Barlow

skoehler@gocathedral.com and kenbarlow@gocathedral.com


CAFE Club - "Cultural Awareness for Everyone"

Café Club is open to all students at Cathedral High School with an interest in learning more about all aspects of diversity. Members will increase their knowledge, understanding, and learn more about the importance of a commitment to diversity.

Mission – to create opportunities to learn about the diverse cultures represented at Cathedral and to promote diversity, equity, justice, multiculturalism, sensitivity and inclusion both on and off campus.

Goal – to promote cultural awareness and diversity through activities, panel discussions, workshops, special programs, field trips and multicultural celebrations. We also want to create safe spaces where “Courageous Conversations” can take place for all.

Some initiatives include:

  • View movies that have a diversity theme and invite students to a discuss
  • Diversity Guest Presenters
  • Panel Discussion on “Interracial Dating & Marriage”
  • Create and Implement “Diversity & Multicultural Week”
  • Visit Museums with different cultural themes
  • Field Trip – National Freedom Center
  • Open Mic Night
  • Presentations on different cultures – beliefs, traditions, music, celebrations, religions, rituals, etc.

If you would like to know more about Café Club or would like to join, please attend a meeting. Meetings are held Bi-Monthly at 3:15 p.m. in room 4239. Contact Moderators, Mr. Ken Barlow at kenbarlow@gocathedral.com or Mrs. Sara Koehler at skoehler@gocathedral.com if you have any questions or suggestions.

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