Day of Shadow Visit

Once a student has registered for a shadow visit, please follow the guidelines below.  

Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

  • Shadow visitors should report to the Enrollment Management office at least 15 minutes before school starts (start time and arrival time communicated in confirmation email).
  • Once you turn from 56th Street onto Cathedral’s campus, use the right-hand traffic lane, which will lead you into a parking lot adjacent to both the Welch Activity Center and the main school building. Due to the heavy volume of traffic, please observe our one-way traffic pattern.
  • We suggest that you drop off your student at the steps near (but not in) the roundabout, which is close to the main visitor entrance. Due to the high volume of parked cars, we urge you to forego parking unless you feel it is absolutely necessary to do so.
  • The student should enter through the main visitor entrance (door #4) near the flagpole (“Cathedral” in gold above door).
  • School ends at 3:10 p.m., and our office will release your student shortly thereafter. We may ask your student to evaluate his/her “shadow” experience at Cathedral before departing.
  • Parents can wait in the vehicle line, or park and enter the admissions office, to pick up their child at the conclusion of their shadow visit.

What to Bring

  • Shadow visitors will attend all classes with their host but will not be permitted to attend after school practices or activities.
  • Students should wear pants (no jeans or shorts) and an appropriate shirt, sweater and/or sweatshirt. Students do have to walk outside at times, so layering is recommended.
  • Tennis shoes or sneakers are permitted.
  • Lunch tickets will be provided courtesy of Enrollment Management. Shadow visitors are welcome to bring their lunch if they wish.
  • We recommend that students bring a book to read in case they have to sit through any tests and/or quizzes during the day.



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