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Club Description:
The Chess Club provides students with the opportunity to learn and play chess before and after school. Depending on interest and demand, chess coaching and competitive chess tournaments are available. Meetings are held in the library, typically one morning and one afternoon per week. Students may choose one or both times. Additionally, students are encouraged to play chess at their convenience in the library, in areas where chessboards have been placed, and/or online. Other club activities are scheduled based on student interest and availability. There is no cost to play chess during the club meeting times. If students choose to have chess coaching, the cost of the lessons would be determined by the coach and divided between group members. If the club members design a t-shirt, the cost would likely be less than $15. If students choose to play in competitive tournaments, the school will pay for their registration. Students would need to provide/pay for their food needs. Depending on the location of the tournament (ie: national tournaments held in other states), students may be expected to provide for their lodging/transportation/meals/etc.

To learn more about Chess Club, contact moderators, Mrs. Jennifer Herron, at or, Mrs. Rose Egan, at

Location and Time of Meeting:
Meetings are held in the library, typically one morning and one afternoon per week.

Key Events Dates & Times:

Cost / Fees:
See Club Description above for more details

Mrs. Jennifer Herron and Mrs. Rose Egan

E-mail: and


Chess Club

This club page is under construction please check back later or contact the Moderator with any questions.

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