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Ms. Melinda Bundy
Melinda Bundy
  Department English
  Title English Teacher
  Email Emailmbundy@gocathedral.com
  Voice Mail 409


 English 9H will cover literature, grammar, vocabulary development, oral presentations, composition, annotation, and research.  The literature survey will include The Count of Monte Cristo, The Hunger Games, Romeo and Juliet, Antigone, and Anthem.


I expect my students to come to class prepared.  This means they will have completed all assignments, will bring the necessary materials to class, follow directions, and listen to / participate in class discussions.  I also expect any student encountering difficulties to come in for extra help.  I am available before / after school, 8th period resource in the SLC, and periods 2, 4, and 5 either in Room 2316 or the teachers' lounge in Room 2314.


 A student's quarter grade will be a compilation of total points.  Included in this total will be:

  •  quizzes over assigned reading and grammar
  •  homework - including grammar assignments, vocabulary notebooks, etc.
  •  vocabulary quizzes
  •  quickwrite journals
  •  oral presentations
  •  composition assignments
  •  tests




  •  Complete all assignments on time; however, it is better to turn in a late assignment, than no assignment at all. Assignments and due dates will be posted on my web page.
  • Stay current with reading assignments. Students should not put off reading until the last minute. Too often students are overheard commenting, "No, I don't have any homework - just reading."
  • Attend optional study sessions of tests which will be held by Mrs. Bundy before and after school.
  • Ask questions if you don't understand the material, don't know how to study for a test, don't know how to take notes, etc.

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