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The Fine Print: Cost

When enrolling in an IB course or the full diploma, there are costs in addition to Cathedral tuition.  Below is a brief explanation of such costs, payment plan options, and evidence that it is money well spent.  NOTE: if you student is taking only SL courses, he/she can decide whether or not to take the exam.


Registration fee: $172 – this is a one-time fee for each year a student takes IB tests.  Most students take IB exams as 12th graders.  If the student is a full diploma candidate, the registration fee covers both years.  If, however, the student is taking classes as a certificate student and he/she takes one exam junior year and another exam senior year, the registration fee is required each year.

Exam fee: $119 per exam

Total cost for the Diploma program: $886 – includes registration, exams, and fees for the core components

Note: AP tests cost $93 per exam, so there is only a small difference in price.


Payment plan suggestions for Diploma Candidates:

Full: $886.00                                          Due December 1st, 2017

Annual: $443  (11th grade only)            Due December 1st, 2017; December 1, 2018

Bi-Annual: $221.50 (11th grade only)   Due September 1st, 2017; December 1, 2017

                                                                September 1st, 2018; December 1, 2018 

A payment plan can also be created for a certificate student.  If taking one course, the options are as follows:

Full: $291                   Due December 1st, 2017

Annual: $145.50         Due September 1st, 2017; December 1st, 2017

*All payments are completed through the business office; contact Jean Harris at to discuss payment methods and/or other payment plan options.


Though this does seem pricy, when compared to the opportunity of testing out of a college course, it makes sense.  For example, one credit hour at IU is $287.76; most classes are 3 credit hours meaning a total of $863.28; this price does not include books, etc.  If a student scores a 5 or above in an HL course, it is very likely that he/she will earn a minimum of 3 credit hours.  


If you are unable to pay a portion or all of this, we will do what we can to help cover the cost.  To get such aid, a student will have to show financial need.

At present, if a student on the diploma track qualifies for free or reduced lunch, the state does cover $98 for each exam, with Cathedral covering the remaining cost.  Please contact Elizabeth VanWienen for more information and to get signed up for this assistance.

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